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Silhouette by 7 Flavor C/P on the Depict FrameSilhouette by 7 Flavor C/P
Silhouette by 7 Flavor C/P

Silhouette, 2016

7 Flavor C/P

The artist says that he appreciates “traditional Japanese beauty.” Yet this evocative photograph goes far beyond the traditional. At first glance, it’s a figure of a woman in silhouette, leaning against a fence. But the real subject of this image is light. Look at the woman’s gauzy kimono sleeve, made transparent by illumination coming from behind her, revealing the shadowy form of her arm. Her curled fist, emerging from that filmy sleeve, takes on a contrasting substance and weight. Above that enigmatic gesture, a sharp outline burnishes the edges of her profile, making her expression almost, but not quite, readable.

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