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Untitled by Akiomi Kuroda on the Depict FrameUntitled by Akiomi Kuroda
Untitled by Akiomi Kuroda

Untitled, 2016

Akiomi Kuroda

Why is this image so haunting? On one hand, the setting is very ordinary, a nondescript apartment, probably the model’s own. She stands in a hallway, aloof, looking into the next room, apparently lost in thought. But the model herself — her incredible tresses covering a slim, yet muscular body — looks far from ordinary, and the image somehow reads like a scene from a film. The photographer, Kuroda, wrote, “When I’m shooting, I’m talking with models, and I steal their moments.” Perhaps this provides the intangible strangeness of this image — Kuroda has somehow gotten his model to reveal an intimate moment, not meant for our eyes.

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