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Karnak: Gate of Khonsu by Antonio Beato
Karnak: Gate of Khonsu by Antonio Beato

Karnak: Gate of Khonsu, 1880

Antonio Beato

The ruins of a magnificent gate, its façade covered with inscriptions, honors the Egyptian god Khonsu. Velvety shadows define the left-hand corners of the rectangular openings on the gate in front, and the small windows in the structure beyond. The leaf-palms, to the right, and wizened tree, to the left, lend an incongruous reminder of the photographer’s present time existing simultaneously with this ancient structure, built around 250 BC. The artist created this image for the tourist market in the 1880s, a time when a craze for all things ancient and Egyptian gripped Europe.

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Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven. Gift of Dr. David T. and Anne W. Mininberg
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