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Clouds and Water by Arthur Dove on the Depict FrameClouds and Water by Arthur Dove
Clouds and Water by Arthur Dove

Clouds and Water, 1930

Arthur Dove

This unusual painting, a seascape of segmented color blocks, was inspired by Halesite, a town on the north shore of Long Island, New York where the artist lived. Several sailboats dip along the surface of the waves, and a landscape of rounded hills rises in the distance. Water, hills and sky are rendered in curving blocks of color separated by sharp lines, like a abstract geometric quilt.

Dove believed the elements of nature to be independent yet interconnected, unique yet mutable. He expressed this idea in verse:

The sun draws water from the sea.

The clouds are not like either one-

They do not keep one form forever.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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