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Life of Big City by Ben Tam on the Depict FrameLife of Big City by Ben Tam
Life of Big City by Ben Tam

Life of Big City, 2017

Ben Tam

What seems at first glance a monolithic wall reveals itself to be row upon row, stack upon stack of identical apartments, shiny window-eyes reflecting the world outside. The dwelling units follow a mechanistic, repeating structure, each with a terrace, the units separated by thin vertical walls, the sections divided by thicker concrete walls, and the towers demarcated by even wider strips of concrete. Our knowledge that we’re looking at a building dissolves in the geometric reality we see: gridded lines, squares and rectangles arranged in a repeating pattern, stretching beyond the image’s frame. The artist wrote: “Life of big city is crowded and repeated. Everyone is in his/her fixed position, like a part in the machine.”

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