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Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning by Claude Monet

Wheatstacks, Snow Effect, Morning, 1891

Claude Monet

Monet arranged to have these wheatstacks near his home left out over the winter so he could paint them. By the following summer he had painted them at least thirty times, at different times across the seasons. This enchanting image shows the wheatstacks on a snowy winter morning. The colors in the painting work together in a harmonious whole. The stacks cast luminous blue shadows, blues also found in the wintry light shining on the stacks, in the houses' roofs, and in the snowy earth. The pale pinkish-orange of the dawn sky lights up the snow and radiates off the bottom of the stacks. With raised, broken brushstrokes, Monet captured the essence of these forms with nuanced color and light.

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