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Gemini by David Arms on the Depict FrameGemini by David Arms
Gemini by David Arms

Gemini, 2017

David Arms

This kaleidoscopic collage is a mysterious unfolding of blossoms, faces, and disembodied limbs, united in a tightly packed composition. The central figure’s body, like a yin-yang, is divided into light and dark. From her lungs flowers blossom, and in her heart is a bee beneath a keyhole. The artist created this piece to illustrate a poem from the perspective of Gemini, the astrological twins. It’s meant to convey the two sides of a personality and the conversation that occurs between them. The artist imbued this work with secret, mystical meaning, including the bee, which he says tells all who enter the central figure’s heart to “guess” the nature of her being.

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