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House of 1000 Wrecks by David Arms
House of 1000 Wrecks by David Arms

House of 1000 Wrecks, 2017

David Arms

In this fascinating collage, a house, three femmes fatales, a giant bejeweled hand, and a pile of wreckage combine to tell an enigmatic story. The artist explains it like this: “Sometimes when you’re dating someone the ghosts of lovers past will show up uninvited, and their mere presence can wreak havoc on your life.” The teenager standing in the doorway represents a new girlfriend unaware of the scars of her partner’s romantic past. She steps outside to find a witch and a temptress among smashed furniture, warning her of home-wrecking threats. Ghostly figures on the roof represent the artist, broken by past loves but still hoping a new relationship will summon him back to earth.

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