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South Sea Fishermen by David Burlyuk
South Sea Fishermen by David Burlyuk

South Sea Fishermen, 1921

David Burlyuk

The muscular forms of loincloth-clad fisherman stand out first, their edges shimmering with suggested motion as they work over their fresh catch. You can also make out the open boat they stand in, and the hapless fish being pulled aboard. But the water itself, roiling and green, is depicted in plant-like curving shapes, doubled in on themselves, layered and stacked to imply movement and energy. The artist, a practitioner of the Futurist art style, shows motion via fractured planes, such as those that make up the strong legs of the fishermen and the water at lower right. The artist was inspired to express scenes he saw during a winter sojourn in the South Pacific.

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Yale University Art Gallery, Gift of Collection Société Anonyme
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