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Licorice Capuccino by David Kozlowski on the Depict FrameLicorice Capuccino by David Kozlowski
Licorice Capuccino by David Kozlowski

Licorice Capuccino, 2010

David Kozlowski

An array of shiny sepia-toned lozenges fill your screen, mesmerizing in its subtle variations on a theme. There are circles and swirls within round-cornered squares, some with dark centers like pupils in a row of eyes. Light seems to glint off the work, giving the impression of a silky, viscous surface. It’s impossible to visually trace the imagery in this hypnotic composition back to its original source — the artist transforms photographs into abstract works of art. This image is sensorially luscious, as if it could have been rendered in charcoal or ink, but also somehow retains a sense of being “digital,” with its repeating shapes and patterns, gradually changing with each repetition.

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