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Paint It Black 2 by Dobrin Marchev
Paint It Black 2 by Dobrin Marchev on the Depict FramePaint It Black 2 by Dobrin Marchev

Paint It Black 2, 2016

Dobrin Marchev

A brooding young woman stands a bit precariously on an elegant Manhattan stoop in this arresting black and white image. She’s a study in contrasts: her raven hair frames a porcelain face with huge dark eyes and lips, and her black coat and shoes reveal milky white skin. The setting echoes these juxtapositions of light and dark, hard and soft, smooth and angular: smooth marble columns flanked by a spiky iron fence, mottled rough stone supporting finely-cut blocks. The woman’s body language is also somehow simultaneously open and closed — her bent left leg and torquing torso seem coiled, ready to spring, yet frozen in place.

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