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Standing Nude with Orange Drapery by Egon Schiele

Standing Nude with Orange Drapery, 1914

Egon Schiele

In this portrait, the model strikes a provocative pose, right leg extended, nude but for the orange scarf that partially covers her hair and slides down her left side. The bright color is striking, echoed in the model’s nipples, lips and contours of her ribcage and muscular limbs. The sitter’s raised elbow both supports her head and juts out toward the viewer, as if to present the vulnerable hidden places of her body for inspection. Like many of Schiele’s nudes, the sitter’s physique is so thin and muscular, it dances on a border between enticing and unsettling. This is consistent with the Expressionist style, which sought to reveal the unvarnished reality of the human condition.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York