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Proun 99 by El Lissitzky
Proun 99 by El Lissitzky on the Depict FrameProun 99 by El Lissitzky

Proun 99, 1924

El Lissitzky

A large cube-like object appears to be suspended in mid-air, caught between thin, wiry lines. Behind it, a hollow cylinder hovers, apparently not attached to any other object. The gridded triangle at the bottom creates a sense of depth, although the elements above it seem to exist in a space without gravity. The artist coined a term to describe compositions like this one: “proun,” an acronym for the Russian words meaning “project for the affirmation of the new.” His dimensional space wavers between the coherent and the impossible, in keeping with his utopian ideal of a new art for a post-revolutionary Soviet society.

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Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven. Gift of Collection Société Anonyme
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