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Familiar Strangers #4 by Fang Tong on the Depict FrameFamiliar Strangers #4 by Fang Tong
Familiar Strangers #4 by Fang Tong

Familiar Strangers #4, 2016

Fang Tong

This cinematic image could be a frame from a noir film. With a brooding indigo sky as backdrop, a man and woman stand outside an expensive-looking car, its taillights still illuminated in the gathering darkness. The woman shivers in a short dress, drawing her jacket around her as she stands next to the open passenger door. The man, wearing business attire, leans against the hood. They’re both aloof, distant, staring into space. What’s just transpired? A lover’s quarrel? A business deal gone sour? Or have they had car trouble and are simply waiting for roadside rescue? The photographer supplies the scene, and leaves the story open to interpretation.

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