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Baby (Cradle) by Gustav Klimt on the Depict FrameBaby (Cradle) by Gustav Klimt
Baby (Cradle) by Gustav Klimt

Baby (Cradle), 1917

Gustav Klimt

This portrait of a baby covered by a psychedelic swirl of blankets represented a new format for the artist; most of his other portraits from this period show the subject standing. Painting a baby lying in its cradle allowed Klimt to experiment with a totally new composition. Within the rectangular format is a large triangle, with the baby's head at its apex. The baby's cover is a mass of pattern, in which the artist lets his inventive genius fly, with flowers, spirals, zigzags and rainbow-like arches of contrasting hues. He juxtaposes contrasting colors: orange next to blue, red next to green and yellow alongside purple.

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