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Moored Sailboat by Heinrich Kühn on the Depict FrameMoored Sailboat by Heinrich Kühn
Moored Sailboat by Heinrich Kühn

Moored Sailboat, 1907

Heinrich Kühn

A sailboat is moored on a calm sea, its sails casting a backlit shadow on the gently rippling water. Subtle shadings of blue and white, the color of traditional Dutch china, create a strangely arresting image. Is this a painting? A photograph? A print? It’s actually a combination, a photographic print made in a process called gum bichromate, which renders painterly images from photographic negatives. The artist was part of a movement in which photographers sought ways to manipulate what would otherwise be a straightforward photograph in order to “create” a photographic image rather than simply recording it.

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The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
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