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Coast Near Antibes by Henri-Edmond Cross
Coast Near Antibes by Henri-Edmond Cross on the Depict FrameCoast Near Antibes by Henri-Edmond Cross

Coast Near Antibes, 1892

Henri-Edmond Cross

At first glance, you might see a rustic seascape on the French coast, with colorful fishing boats moored near their boathouses, rocks and scrub on a hill, and a calm sea, all bathed in the orangey-purple hues of sunset. A closer look reveals that this painting is entirely constructed of closely positioned tiny dots of color. This technique, called Pointillism, juxtaposed complementary colors to create “harmonies of pure color.” The process of painting in this style was too tedious and time-consuming to be practical for painting outdoors, so the artist typically made quick sketches to work up later in the quiet leisure of the studio.

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