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Fruit Piece by Jan van Huysum on the Depict FrameFruit Piece by Jan van Huysum
Fruit Piece by Jan van Huysum

Fruit Piece, 1722

Jan van Huysum

An enormous arrangement of blooming flowers and overripe fruit spills over onto a marble ledge. The flowers droop under the weight of their extravagant blooms as insects alight on peaches and melons. The background looks like a stage set, with a classical terra cotta urn in the middle distance, and in the background, two figures leaning on a fence near a statue. The artist combined the lustrous realism of earlier Dutch paintings with the bright colors characteristic of his own time. Van Huysum achieved his highly finished surface by laboriously applying glazes to the canvas. He jealously guarded his process; no-one could visit his studio.

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