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Louise-Antoinette Feuardent by Jean-François Millet
Louise-Antoinette Feuardent by Jean-François Millet

Louise-Antoinette Feuardent, 1841

Jean-François Millet

A self-possessed young woman looks out of this portrait with enormous brown eyes, as if sizing up the viewer. Her presence is almost palpable — you sense a calm, yet sharply discerning attitude behind her gaze. She’s modestly dressed; decorated only by her intricate collar of handmade lace and the gold wedding band on her finger. The sitter, Louise-Antoinette Feuardent was the wife of the artist’s lifelong friend, who was a clerk in the library at Cherbourg. The artist painted her shortly after her marriage. The painting’s limited palette of browns, blacks and whites and carefully controlled composition puts the focus on Louise-Antoinette's poise and composure.

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