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Video180 Degrees at Sunset by Jon Glaser
180 Degrees at Sunset by Jon Glaser on the Depict Frame180 Degrees at Sunset by Jon Glaser

180 Degrees at Sunset, 2017

Jon Glaser

A dramatic sunset sky full of clouds moves above the tranquil water, as if time’s speeding up above and standing still below. This is Horseshoe Bend, a portion of the Colorado River just outside Page, Arizona. The color of the rocks, cliffs and sand will change throughout the day before our eyes, depending on where the sun is located in the sky. This work is a cinemagraph, which starts with a still photograph taken with a very wide-angle lens. The artist then adds motion to certain elements. He took this image at sunset, looking down 1000 feet over the cliff, creating a nearly 180-degree view.

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