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Newspaper and Fruit Dish by Juan Gris
Newspaper and Fruit Dish by Juan Gris

Newspaper and Fruit Dish, 1916

Juan Gris

This richly colored and patterned abstract still-life is anchored in reality with that most real of morning ritual objects, at least in 1916 Paris: the daily newspaper. This one is folded on a patterned table, newsprint dissolving into patterns of colorful dots in pleasing complementary colors. The artist developed his technique within a new art movement called Synthetic Cubism, which sought to introduce elements of real life, like the newspaper here, into the unreal world of a painting. The subtle colored patterns create the illusion of texture, as do the layered shapes that make up the little table’s surface and legs, overlapping to form a seemingly solid construction of stacked shapes.

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Yale University Art Gallery, Gift of Collection Société Anonyme
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