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3rd Eye Cave by Juan Pablo de Miguel
3rd Eye Cave by Juan Pablo de Miguel on the Depict Frame3rd Eye Cave by Juan Pablo de Miguel

3rd Eye Cave, 2016

Juan Pablo de Miguel

A dizzying swirl of rock surrounds a perfect oculus onto a pastel sky with clouds tinged with heavenly light like a Titian painting. The rock itself is layered with warm earthy colors, from lightest beige to orange to black. A shock of turquoise water, below, illuminated through twin archways, anchors the image in a real, if fantastic and faraway, place. A small boat enters through the arch at left, while at right, two figures wade at water’s edge. Like us, they are inside this otherworldly cave, looking out through its apertures onto the painterly sky. This cave is near Benagil, a small Portuguese village on the Atlantic coast.

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