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Carey's Backyard by Loren MacIver on the Depict FrameCarey's Backyard by Loren MacIver
Carey's Backyard by Loren MacIver

Carey's Backyard, 1939

Loren MacIver

This charming view of an urban backyard showcases the artist’s ability to harmonize opposites of color, texture and mood. Look first at color — she’s juxtaposed murky tones, like the purple and gray building behind, with exuberant color, such as the brilliant green and yellow plants. Now, notice how she combines graphic renderings with blurry sections: the sharply drawn folding chair and houseplants in the foreground contrast with the hazy space around them. Finally, she manages to create a feeling that’s both playful — the cheery, lifelike chairs — and poignant, devoid of people, leaving us to guess at the specifics of the scene.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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