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City Shapes by Louis Lozowick
City Shapes by Louis Lozowick

City Shapes, 1922

Louis Lozowick

This striking composition celebrates the muscle and power of modernist American architecture, reducing a cityscape to pure form. The artist gives the repeating arches and rectangles a visual rhythm, using flat planes of light and shadow for dramatic effect. The painting is both figurative and abstract, enjoyable as a celebration of the grit and heft of industrial building design, yet also as an abstract meditation on shapes, darkness and light.

Russian-born American artist Lozowick viewed 1920s America through an outsider’s eyes. He wrote, “the artist cannot and should not . . . attempt a literal soulless transcription of the American scene but rather give a penetrating creative interpretation of it.”

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Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven. Gift of the artist to the Collection Société Anonyme
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