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City Shapes by Louis Lozowick on the Depict FrameCity Shapes by Louis Lozowick
City Shapes by Louis Lozowick

City Shapes, 1922

Louis Lozowick

This striking composition celebrates the muscle and power of modernist American architecture, reducing a cityscape to pure form. The artist gives the repeating arches and rectangles a visual rhythm, using flat planes of light and shadow for dramatic effect. The painting is both figurative and abstract, enjoyable as a celebration of the grit and heft of industrial building design, yet also as an abstract meditation on shapes, darkness and light.

Russian-born American artist Lozowick viewed 1920s America through an outsider’s eyes. He wrote, “the artist cannot and should not . . . attempt a literal soulless transcription of the American scene but rather give a penetrating creative interpretation of it.”

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Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven. Gift of the artist to the Collection Société Anonyme
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