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DELFT AK-47 by Magnus Gjoen on the Depict FrameDELFT AK-47 by Magnus Gjoen
DELFT AK-47 by Magnus Gjoen

DELFT AK-47, 2014

Magnus Gjoen

This mash-up of history, illusion, and digital technology transforms a powerful and destructive weapon, the AK-47 rifle, into an object of art. This incongruous design slyly disarms the gun by infusing it with connotations of fragility and value. It’s covered with classic Delftware motifs usually reserved for high-end porcelain ceramics: fleurs-de-lis, cameo heads, cherubs, maidens and delicate vines. Yet it retains its aggressive form and deadly associations. Drawing inspiration from street art and pop art and juxtaposing it with fine art, the artist creates a new and modern take on old masterpieces and the decorative arts.

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