Our Art / Mark Gould / City to City 17 (for Léger)

City to City 17 (for Léger) by Mark Gould
City to City 17 (for Léger) by Mark Gould

City to City 17 (for Léger), 2017

Mark Gould

This contemporary composition looks like it could have been made by a Modernist painter of the early 20th century. Bold graphic patterns are stacked and packed into a vertical format, conjuring a city of skyscrapers and steep hills – San Francisco, perhaps? We see logo-like sun motifs, tilting diagonals that could be part of a bridge, and a blue wavy pattern at lower right that could evoke water. The artist, Gould, learned early to compose visuals in a frame, often inspired by taking photographs. This street scene is refreshingly new, yet its flattened forms and brightly colored patterns hearken back to the era when Cubist abstraction was new.

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