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Intersections 12 by Mark Gould on the Depict FrameIntersections 12 by Mark Gould
Intersections 12 by Mark Gould

Intersections 12, 2018

Mark Gould

Intersecting planes of grids, bisected spheres, and linear structures fill this graphic composition. Depending on your background, do you see a visualization of networked structures, or an architectural study in multiple-point perspective? Here the artist uses repetition and alteration of shapes to explore semiotics, the study of how visual signs are coded with multiple meanings and decoded in different ways, depending on the observer. Both the environment and each individual's background provides unique cultural filters to give shapes and signs meaning, lending infinite interpretations of an image. The artist's process involves a rapid iteration of shapes and compositions, using computer applications, code and color to represent the the myriad perspectives and interpretations.

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