Our Art / Mark Lovejoy / #5144 [from series: Topographies of Color]

#5144 [from series: Topographies of Color] by Mark Lovejoy

#5144 [from series: Topographies of Color], 2014

Mark Lovejoy

This amazing digital composition looks so 3D, you might be tempted to try to trace the contours of its rippling folds of color with your finger. Don’t believe your eyes — this is not a picture of a painting, because no painting exists. To make this vibrant, taffy-like image, the artist worked with actual art materials like printer inks, pigments, resins, oils, and waxes, but the rest is digital alchemy. We know that his secretive process involves photographing his work at various stages, then reworking, dissolving and rephotographing it repeatedly. He then chooses a single moment to capture.