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Sunbaker by Max Dupain on the Depict FrameSunbaker by Max Dupain
Sunbaker by Max Dupain

Sunbaker, 1937

Max Dupain

Dupain’s subject is a young man who lies ‘sun-slain’ on Culburra Beach in New South Wales, oblivious to anything but the heat on his wet back and the warmth of the sand below. Dupain has positioned his camera almost at ground level in order to emphasise the sunbaker’s domination of his environment and his almost palpable connection with the replenishing forces of nature. Although the young man is an inert, seemingly stupefied presence, we know from his bronzed skin that he is a regular beachgoer. And we know, too, that unlike the damaged returned soldiers, this fit, lithe young man is in only a temporary state of lethargy. When this sunbaker has had enough of the sun’s intoxicating rays he will once again rouse himself to ‘battle’ the surf.

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National Gallery of Victoria, Australia
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