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First It Came by Moira Ness on the Depict FrameFirst It Came by Moira Ness
First It Came by Moira Ness

First It Came, 2017

Moira Ness

Two bushy clumps of trees seem to menace one another at left and right of this image. They threaten to swallow up the green, waving field of grass, creating a claustrophobic sense of encroachment. Is this some arborist’s idea of a joke? It’s actually an artful manipulation of reality. The artist challenges the viewer to discover where nature ends and art begins through the mind’s habitual recognition of subtle patterns, symmetry, and visual discrepancies. Inspired by philosopher Friedrich Nietsche’s doctrine of eternal recurrence, she creates digitally-manipulated repetitions that didn’t actually exist in her source image.

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