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London Array by NASA on the Depict FrameLondon Array by NASA
London Array by NASA

London Array, 2017


A swirling canvas of buckling, folded white-blue color is pierced by tiny white dots and light-tipped streaks. It’s as if we’re looking at an artist’s interpretation of the wind. The folded shapes and luminous colors recall American painter Georgia O’Keeffe’s images of flowers. What we’re actually seeing is the world’s largest offshore wind farm, 12 miles from England’s Kent and Essex coasts. This mass of color is not wind, but water in the Thames Estuary, where the river meets the North Sea. The white points are wind turbines, and the white-tipped streaks are boat wakes. At left, near the coastline, the sea is discolored by light tan sediment—spring runoff washed out by the river.

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