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Sculpted by Glaciers by NASA on the Depict FrameSculpted by Glaciers by NASA
Sculpted by Glaciers by NASA

Sculpted by Glaciers, 2015


Neon green, electric blue and cotton-candy red make this false-color satellite image, which could be an abstract relief sculpture, “pop”. Streaks of black on ridgelines lend a visual rhythm. Rippled masses of hills look like an exotic lizard’s back, or a contemporary artist’s ordering of geometric shapes. This is in fact the area of Montana’s Glacier National Park that contains the most glaciers. Most of the bright blue areas are “permanent” snow and ice. In the lower right third of the image you can see a purple-red burn scar from a large forest fire. Scientific research claims a warming planet will have likely made Glacier Park glacier-free by the year 2030.

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