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* by Olga Barantseva on the Depict Frame* by Olga Barantseva
* by Olga Barantseva

*, 2016

Olga Barantseva

A red-haired young woman in a white satin wedding dress lies sleeping in a thicket of sword ferns and tiny yellow flowers, her luxurious tresses spilling around her. It’s a classic sleeping beauty image, except for one morbidly fascinating detail: a huge green and black toad perches on the woman’s left eye, splaying out its three-toed feet as if to claim her delicate, ivory-colored face as its territory. Will this bride wake up and kiss the frog to turn it into her prince? Or is this a wedding ritual gone terribly wrong? The photographer delights in creating intriguing scenes on which each viewer can project their own story.

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