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Plums by Patrick Henry Bruce on the Depict FramePlums by Patrick Henry Bruce
Plums by Patrick Henry Bruce

Plums, 1912

Patrick Henry Bruce

An arrangement of fruit on a crisp linen napkin is the apparent subject of this painting, but the real focus of the work is the artist’s experimentation with color and form. The artist was playing with an intense color palette ⎯ the vibrant yellow-green skins of the fruit, the mauve and ochre-tinged background, and the pink and green highlights on the fabric, which at first glance, we understand as white, but on closer inspection, see is in fact more lilac than white. The forms are also sculptural: notice the stiff folds of the napkin, and the plums’ apparent volume and heft, tempting you to pick one up and feel its weight in your hand.

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Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven. Gift of Collection Société Anonyme
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