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Athlete's Head by Paul Klee on the Depict FrameAthlete's Head by Paul Klee
Athlete's Head by Paul Klee

Athlete's Head, 1932

Paul Klee

To make this athlete’s head, the artist covered his paper, mosaic-style, with more than 4000 little oblongs and squares in fine gradations of color. The result is a block-like head, turned slightly to our right, with small eyes looking obliquely to our left, as if he’s surprised. The blue outline of the large nose is the only curvilinear feature; other blue lines for eyebrow and mouth are straight. The head and shoulders are shaded with a gray wash. This work is from the artist’s divisionist-pointillist period; in these styles, tiny dots of color interacted optically to create a whole composition.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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