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The “Piebald“ Horse by Paulus Potter on the Depict FrameThe “Piebald“ Horse by Paulus Potter
The “Piebald“ Horse by Paulus Potter

The “Piebald“ Horse, 1650

Paulus Potter

A magnificent spotted horse is silhouetted against rolling, stormy, clouds, turning its head to suggest that it’s alert to its surroundings, perhaps even to the hunt that’s taking place in the middle distance. The artist brings the horse to life with physical detail: its glossy coat and mane, the watery moistness of its eye, and the sleekly elegant lines of its muscular body. Beyond physical description, some details also create a sense of the animal’s individual personality: the assertive tilt of its head, perked-up ears, and flared nostrils suggest wildness combined with acute sensitivity.

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The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
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