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Roller Skating Girl by Peter Shellenberger
Roller Skating Girl by Peter Shellenberger

Roller Skating Girl, 2014

Peter Shellenberger

A nostalgic image of a girl in shadowy silhouette skates within a luminous ring. To create this wistful image, the artist illuminated a figure against a luminescent background, evocative of the sun. The artist learned that the red-orange glaze found in 1930’s Fiesta dinnerware used uranium oxide, the same element later used to make the atomic bomb. Using the dinnerware as a source of exposure, he then framed a Cracker Jack toy, from the same era, exposing the composition to photographic film with the radioactive plate for 45 days to create this radiant silhouette. At once familiar and unknown, the figure is lit by a faint nuclear glow evocative of a  memory, or a dream.

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