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Composition I by Ragnhild Keyser on the Depict FrameComposition I by Ragnhild Keyser
Composition I by Ragnhild Keyser

Composition I, 1926

Ragnhild Keyser

Enigmatic white shapes flank an open doorway in this fascinating abstract composition. Is that a chair, with a red seat and a tall wooden back, just behind the door? The blackness beyond the doorway suggests the outdoors, perhaps bisected by a low stone balcony. We could endlessly speculate about the objects in this painting’s relationships to each other and to things in the real world, but that’s not really the point. The artist was most interested in bringing out the spatial presence, like depth and volume, of geometric shapes and juxtaposing them to create imaginary landscapes.

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Yale University Art Gallery, Newhaven. Gift of Collection Société Anonyme
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