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Andante V by Rudolf Bauer on the Depict FrameAndante V by Rudolf Bauer
Andante V by Rudolf Bauer

Andante V, 1916

Rudolf Bauer

Organic shapes in brilliant color form a raucous symphony in this abstract painting, which focuses more on a vocabulary of shape, form, color and line than depicting the physical world. Plump, voluminous fruit-like shapes appear to burst out of viscous, plant-like sheaths, while curving lines divide the composition into sections and provide a sense of order within the roiling chaos. The crowded canvas gives the work a claustrophobic sense of confinement, but at the same time, sinewy forms evoke energy and movement. Lightly painted passages of feathery rays add to the sense that we’re watching a process of becoming.

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Yale University Art Gallery, Gift of Collection Société Anonyme
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