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Fairy Hill by Sean Capone on the Depict FrameFairy Hill by Sean Capone
VideoFairy Hill by Sean Capone

Fairy Hill, 2014

Sean Capone

Geometric shapes fold, loop, and form abstract combinations, like origami in action. Contrasting colors, textures, and patterns converge into reflective surfaces of shifting light and shadow on a starry black background. Capone created this as a generative artwork, so that each instance was unique, but chose a singular looped sequence for this video. The artist mediates spontaneous computer-generated gestures, choosing where and how to intervene and alter them: technology-enabled digital improvisation. Capone is inspired by early abstract art that aimed to translate the expressiveness of sound and spirituality into visual compositions. In this 21st-century approach to that style, he’s fashioned an ever-changing kaleidoscope of rotating forms.

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