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Palimpsest #5 by Sean Capone on the Depict FramePalimpsest #5 by Sean Capone
VideoPalimpsest #5 by Sean Capone

Palimpsest #5, 2014

Sean Capone

A fascinating real-time video composition unfolds on an elegant black canvas. It’s like watching a painting come into being, except the result isn’t fixed; it’s constantly changing. Calligraphic lines, splatters and drips spill off a bright and modern color palette like a street artist’s dream.They flow and superimpose, layering into dense mini-compositions. The artist is inspired by early abstraction: nonrepresentational art that aimed to translate the expressiveness of sound and spirituality into visual compositions, like the work of Vassily Kandinsky. In this 21st-century approach to that style, Capone creates software that generates abstract imagery that produces endless imaginative possibilities.

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