Our Art / Shane + Kevin / Have you seen Mr. Brown? #2

Have you seen Mr. Brown? #2 by Shane +  Kevin

Have you seen Mr. Brown? #2, 2015

Shane + Kevin

The now iconic image of Michael Brown, a young man shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th, 2014, emerges and recedes in an ever-changing optical abstraction. It shimmers at the edge of reality, but just as it comes fully into focus, dissolves into a moiré, or screen of dots, that conceals it in an abstract outline. The artists say this experience that this artwork conveys mirrors the veiled circumstances of the shooting, noting that the precise details of Brown’s death are disputed. The artwork leaves the viewer to negotiate between finite reality and it’s obfuscation, a similar process to those trying to separate facts from misinformation in the aftermath of the tragedy.

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