Our Art / Shane + Kevin / Have you seen Mr. Brown? #3

Have you seen Mr. Brown? #3 by Shane +  Kevin

Have you seen Mr. Brown? #3, 2015

Shane + Kevin

At first, this work recalls the upward motion of windshield wipers, with the changing screen of dots standing in for droplets of rain. Obscured vision is an apt metaphor for this series of gifs, for which the artists appropriated the image of Michael Brown, the young man shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri. They cut half-tone dot patterns from solid sheets of paper, each sheet containing only half of the image’s visual information. Lined up, the screens reveal Brown’s face, but offset they activate an interference pattern, or moiré, in which the image is concealed. Documented and repeated multiple times, the process results in an ever-changing optical abstraction, impossible to fully resolve.

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