Our Art / Shane + Kevin / Have you seen Mr. Brown? #6

Have you seen Mr. Brown? #6 by Shane +  Kevin
Have you seen Mr. Brown? #6 by Shane +  Kevin

Have you seen Mr. Brown? #6, 2015

Shane + Kevin

Screens made of digital dots bend in and out, like breathing lungs, then flatten out of reveal the now iconic image of Michael Brown, the teenager shot by police in Ferguson, Missouri. We’re mesmerized by the gentle rolling motion of the layered screens, then startled when they reconstitute into a dot-formed image of Brown’s face. This video artwork is part of a series in which the artists used half-tone dot patterns cut from solid sheets of paper, with each screen containing only half of the image’s visual information. Lined up, the screens reveal Brown’s face, but offset they activate an interference pattern, or moiré, in which the image is concealed.

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