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In Tow by Stephen Baumbach on the Depict FrameIn Tow by Stephen Baumbach
In Tow by Stephen Baumbach

In Tow, 2013

Stephen Baumbach

Skeins of smoke seem to take physical form, curving, curling and ribboning, like a delicate fabric animated by a breeze. As we look, we imagine their motion, though here, the atmospheric smoke tails exist in a suspended state, a moment frozen in time, between the artwork’s originating impulse and the artist’s imagination. The artist begins with incense smoke, expressed in an enchanting swirl of indigo purple, fading into vermillion red against a white background, for a composition based on smoke’s ghostly wisps and forms. From this starting point, he introduces the element of chance, blurring the lines between the physical and digital, the staged and artificial.

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