Moon Unfolded by U.S. Geological Survey
Moon Unfolded by U.S. Geological Survey on the Depict FrameMoon Unfolded by U.S. Geological Survey

Moon Unfolded, 2013

U.S. Geological Survey

This might look like a drop sheet from a painter’s studio, but is in fact a geological map of the Moon. The colors correspond to surface features: major impact craters, basins, plains, faults, and mountains. The upper image reveals the topography of the moon's far side in technicolor and Jackson Pollock-esque detail. But while Pollock created his abstractions by artistic impulse, these maps derive their unintended beauty from the pairing of specific hues with features of the physical world. Survey maps like this one are based on data collected from the Apollo space missions and lunar orbiters.

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United States Geological Survey
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