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Violett by Vassily Kandinsky on the Depict FrameViolett by Vassily Kandinsky
Violett by Vassily Kandinsky

Violett, 1923

Vassily Kandinsky

This oddly graceful composition of abstract shapes seems to vibrate with energy. The shapes and colors look so deliberately arranged and juxtaposed that the work has an internal logic and perhaps a meaning that’s just out of our grasp. The artist, Kandinsky, may have had synesthesia, a condition in which one sense evokes another, which caused him to associate musical tones with particular colors. He made color choices not only for visual effect, but also to produce musical “chords” and “harmonies.” This painting may relate to one of his “color-tone dramas,” theater pieces in which he envisioned ever-changing colors and forms in an interplay with musical sounds.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
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