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Aporias by Will Brent Clem on the Depict FrameAporias by Will Brent Clem
Aporias by Will Brent Clem

Aporias, 2014

Will Brent Clem

Intricately drawn, iconographic designs are layered and superimposed in a pattern that seems to cleave in the middle and mirror itself on either side. Gazing into its depths, infinite narratives are suggested, extended, resolved. In fact, the artist is exploring narrative themes in this green, white, and red ink design: the title of the work is an Ancient Greek term for an irresolvable internal contradiction. If looking at this artwork makes you feel restless, intrigued, or mentally stimulated, the composition of lines and geometric patterns is having the intended effect: the artist wants visual unrest and conflict to reveal echoes of a fragmented, contemporary world.

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