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Zen Zone by Yumian Deng on the Depict FrameZen Zone by Yumian Deng
Zen Zone by Yumian Deng

Zen Zone, 2016

Yumian Deng

You might want to take off your shoes before stepping into this image of a Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan — you’ll be entering a place of worship and meditation. There is no furniture other than a grass tatami mat covering the floor; nothing mars the room’s open feeling. Straight lines on the mat are echoed in the porch posts, just outside the sliding paper walls. The walls stand open to connect the interior to a mossy garden, where rocks, decorative grasses and a blossoming cherry tree create a sense of harmony and balance. The image, with its carefully proportioned light, shadow, lines and forms is a meditation on simplicity.

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