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Mo墨_4K#2 by Yuxi Cao on the Depict FrameMo墨_4K#2 by Yuxi Cao
VideoMo墨_4K#2 by Yuxi Cao

Mo墨_4K#2, 2015

Yuxi Cao

This mesmerizing image is a real-time graphic rendered video. The character 墨 is Chinese for the word “mo,” meaning ink, and the fluid movement of the silky lines recall how ink disperses in water. Watching this artwork slowly change is a bit like watching an artist do calligraphy; intriguing forms that could be Chinese characters seem to emerge before your eyes. The densely packed surface morphs from a cloudscape to an image of the cosmos — your attention shifts from macro to micro and back again as you watch first the ink and then the ground on which it writes.

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